information security, state, information and communication, technologies, Internet, digital authoritarianism, Balkanization of the Internet


The article examines the peculiarities and problems of fragmentation of the global network "Internet" by the states dominated by authoritarian regimes. An attempt was made to generalize the interpretation of the definition of the "Balkanization of the Internet", the principles of the Chinese development of the "Golden Shield" as a state system of censorship in cyberspace were studied, the peculiarities of the implementation of the "National Information Network" in Iran and the sovereign Internet in Russia were analyzed, and the North Korean experience of the "Kwangmyong" project was considered.

Based on the results of the analysis of legal acts, open data sources and publications in the media, it was found that most often governments justify such decisions by protecting national security. At the same time, in practice, the Balkanization of the Internet levels out the already limited freedom of speech in countries where other sources of information are somehow under state control, and leads to greater information, cultural, scientific, economic autarky of societies.


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